Mon panier

As you may have noticed by now - if you’ve paid any attention to the emails we’ve been sending you - at Asphalte we co-create all our clothing with our community.

It may not seem like much, but in reality, it’s kind of a big deal. This means that our product doesn’t rest on the sole vision of an illusive designer, but rather on the people who are going to actually wear the products, every day, in real life.

This allows us to sort out at the gripes and niggles that you regularly encounter with your wardrobe, warts and all, and come up with clothes that are made to last, look good and don’t break the bank. Yep, you read that right! You’re welcome.

So, let’s get cracking then and here’s the first item on our list: the Perfect Jumper. Why? Because that’s what you wanted. Funnily enough that’s exactly what our little community of French peeps wanted us to start with 4 years ago too.



So we asked them what kind of issues they wanted us to sort out, what kind of details and materials they were looking for and this is what they told us …


Everything but the kitchen sink

Just as we expected, the first issue that came out of the survey was how temperamental jumpers can be, with the top 3 kerfuffles being:

1.Fluffing & pilling
3.Losing their shape

Whilst a bit of that’s to be expected - jumpers are sensitive souls after all - it’s still a bummer even if it doesn’t keep you up at night.

So the first thing we worked on was just that: how to make a jumper that doesn’t turn its back on you after just a couple of washes.


No Wool Over Your Eyes

For our French community, this boiled down to:
• A round crewneck collar
• Soft and warm but also breathable (no sweat!)
• Made of wool (or cashmere) but mustn’t pill
• A classic design that isn’t basic
• Under a 100 quid
• Made from natural fibers, ethically sourced and sustainably produced

… and surprise surprise you guys want something very similar:
• a hardwearing
• timeless classic
• clean for man and planet
• that doesn’t cost a bomb
… so we’re not that different after all!


Follow the thread

Make yourself comfortable because over the coming weeks we’re going to explain to you every little detail about how we’re developing your jumper:

• The choice of materials
• The manufacturers we’re working with
• Development of the knit structure

… and all the other crucial info ahead of the launch on September.

In the meantime you can reach us by email, and we’re thinking of starting a dedicated instagram account but we’ll let you know about that further down the line.
Until then,