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At Asphalte, we've created a care guide for each of our products.


And when it comes to jeans, you've got to be careful! If you want to maximise your time together, we've got some advice for you. So pay attention.


Remember: raw jeans are tighter-fitting than other washes - totally normal. The fabric isn't treated so it's not as stretchy, initially. Wear it for a few days and it'll adjust to your shape. Most of the time, there's no need to change sizes, even if your jeans seem a bit tight when trying them on.


Our jeans are 84 cm long, so if you want to shorten them, you've got 2 options: hem the jeans and it's all good or take them to a tailor to be altered (we recommend to wear them 3 or 4 times beforehand so that they mould to your shape).


Again, you've got two options:

- Be a purist and find a tailor who can reproduce the chain stitch at the bottom of your jeans. This tends to cost more because an expensive machine is required for this kind of alteration.

- Or you can keep things simple , and have your jeans taken up by any tailor. This shouldn't cost more than €15.




When it comes to raw jeans, our best advice is to wash them as little as possible: don't be shocked. This helps to create the perfect fit and ensures that your jeans look good and stay the same colour for as long as possible


To avoid any sort of smell, we recommend wearing your jeans once every two days and leaving them to air when you're not wearing them. But really, it's up to you.


If you do wash them, you have 2 options, depending on the colour of your jeans:

- Raw: turn your jeans inside out and put them in a bowl of water (don't add anything else). Spin dry in a machine at a maximum of 400 rpm and dry them flat on a drying rack.

- Rinse - Stone - Bleached: turn your jeans inside out. Wash them in a machine on a delicate cycle at a maximum of 20°C (whatever you do, don't choose the jeans cycle) with a drop of laundry detergent for its scent - nothing else. Spin dry in a machine at a maximum of 400 rpm and dry them flat on a drying rack.


Last tip (yes, we know we're biased): buy several pairs of jeans so you can alternate.


Now you know everything there is to know! We hope that you'll be pleased with your new jeans; we'll get back in touch in a few weeks to see how you're feeling. And if you have any feedback to give us, whether positive or negative, please contact our team, who are here to offer the very best service, by emailing

 Thanks again for trusting us.

See you soon,


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