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The Ultimate Jean

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  • Japanese 14 oz selvedge denim
  • Strong seams
  • A semi-slim cut

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What's wrong with your jeans

Jeans are what we wear most often. And yet, finding good ones without blowing two hundred quid is becoming a real pain. Last year, we got the idea of making jeans that you could wear for a good long time.

And here are the things you wanted us to work on:

- 1 -
The denim falls
apart too quickly
- 2 -
The cut is
- 3 -
Not that
- 4 -
The pocket linings
get holes

Jeans that are built to last

Japanese denim

14 oz imperial Japanese denim, that's around 400 g per m2: really rugged and traditionally woven on shuttle looms in a small workshop called Shinya. The result is a fabric with roughness and inimitable cachet.

Just the right amount

It's 100% cotton for the washes and the white. And for the raw jeans, we added 5% polyurethane to the fabric to make it more comfortable. But it's evolving, exactly like the others. We don't have any favourites.

Strong seams

They're reinforced and the inside of the leg is overlocked. Result: the seams are strong and it makes it possible to slim this part and so simplify the hems. Neat.

Semi-slim cut

The ultimate cut for a pair of jeans. Not too tight around the thighs, not too narrow at the ankles (17 cm for a size 30). They will make you look slimmer, be comfortable and fit to the shape of your body over time.

Deep pockets

The pocket linings are really deep (26 cm) Your mobile won't dig into your thigh every time you sit down. And to avoid holes appearing too rapidly, we've added a really strong seam at the bottom to help you stop losing your keys.

Precious metals

The buttons are in Zamak, a very hard-wearing metal. The rivets are made of brass and well attached to the denim. What's more, they're fixed directly to it, which is why you can see a tiny bit of fabric poking out. A little detail for the purists.

Jacron and belt loops

The patch at the back of the jeans is made of leather and the stitching on the belt loops extends out to both sides to strengthen them. That way, the belt loops won't be going anywhere fast.

And that's not all

As usual, we've taken great care over the finishes. Chain stitch and a selvedge finish are the order of the day.

Your best jeans

It's really easy, you won't want to take them off. We've actually been wearing the same jeans for three years.

And the manufacturing?

Master Work

For the Raw, Rinse and Stone, we found exactly what we were looking for at Collect, a brand that belongs to the Japan Blue Group. They make this selvedge denim in a workshop called Shinya with around ten people. And for White jeans, the denim comes from Nihon Menpu another Japanese weaver who’s an old hand.

Meticulous weave

It's a specific weave on traditional machines and it's generally synonymous with good quality. With these machines, it takes a whole day to produce 50 metres of fabric, compared to 350 metres for bog-standard denim.

Assembly by CM Borges

Once woven, the denim is sent to our partner in Portugal where our jeans are made.

Carefully washed

It's IVN that takes care of washes. It’s a specialist workshop just a few kilometres from our manufacturer in Portugal. They're OEKO-TEX certified and 100% of the water they use is recycled, including 50% which goes round a closed circuit. This means they use half as much water as a traditional laundry.

Only heavy-duty






The original denim, exactly as it was when it left Japan. We allow you the pleasure of fading it and giving it a patina over the years.

Deliveries & exchanges


We deliver worldwide. For France, delivery costs €9, whether you buy one, two, three or four jeans. Shipping costs within and outside Europe are calculated automatically according to the weight of the order and the destination.


Obviously, you can change size if your clothes don't fit. Exchanges are free in France, but for other countries, you pay for the return but we cover the new delivery. For the French provinces and international deliveries, we use the postal service. And for Parisians, it's even easier. You can ask for a change of size via your customer account and a courier will roll up to bring you the right size and collect the wrong one. Fast, free and no need to go and queue in the post office.

Satisfied or your money back.

It costs nothing to try

If you ever change your mind or the product doesn't meet your expectations when you receive it, all you have to do is send it back unworn and we'll refund you. Easy.

The team

L'équipe Asphalte

There were four of us when we launched Asphalte in 2016. We had a few years' experience in fashion and we wanted to make clothes, but not just any old clothes. Well-made clothes, designed to last, using amazing materials and made in good conditions.

The guys we had in mind were our mates, who liked clothes but who weren't willing to bankrupt themselves for a pair of jeans. We asked them questions to find out what they expected from a brand. Their answers were so enlightening that we opened the questionnaires up to everyone. Best decision.

Since then, you have been the focus of our thoughts. Asking for your opinion about a product is the starting point for our design process, and that won't change.

We're not here to reinvent the wheel. We're here to make your wardrobe classics but with the best materials and the best manufacturers. Above all, we're here to make things simple, things that you'll still be able to wear in ten years' time.

Over three years, we've gradually put together the dream team to take on the world. Today, there are 15 of us, and our only aim is to make your favourite clothes, in a quality that was once reserved for a handful of men.


We'd particularly like to thank all our wingmen:

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Hadrien Picard

Olivier Daubry